You’ll never know what a better life could be like if you don’t stop treating yourself like you deserve a bad one.

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I’m staying strong for Demi Lovato, 
And I’ve got that butterfly on my wrist for Noah.

This is lovely :)


I’m staying strong for Demi Lovato, 

And I’ve got that butterfly on my wrist for Noah.

This is lovely :)

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I haven’t been on this blog in so long :’) 

I want to start helping again. 

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Anonymous: have you heard of the butterfly project?
basically you put a temporary tattoo (the project sell butterfly ones hence the name) where you most self harm and if it wears off without you damaging yourself then it gives you a sense of accomplishment and willingness to continue.
google the butterfly project for a better description

I have! :) The kind I’ve heard of is where you draw butterflies on yourself, but either way works and I think the idea of it is really cute.

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Anonymous: I've been self harming in ways in which people cant really see. Sometimes, I snap my wrists with rubber band. Other times, I burn myself with a flat iron. Even though I desperately want to stop, I don't know how to take the first step. Any advice?

Does anyone know? My first step would be to tell someone who you can trust and who won’t judge you. Most people don’t like to tell parents or teachers so my reccomendation would be a friend. Sit them down and calmly tell them your situation and make it clear to them that you DO want to stop. Hopefully they’ll act as your support group. 

You also need to figure out what triggers the feelings of wanting to self harm. Is it a particular feeling, or person, and is it something you can control? When you identify what makes you want to self harm, you have the power to stop doing it. Good luck and keep me updated.<3

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abluekindofmagic-deactivated201: oh, hey. thanks for following me :)
i didnt expect you to at all :P

No problem<3 I’m following all my followers back because +1 followers is always awesome :)

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If you ever feel the urge to self harm…

  • Draw butterflies wherever you want to cut and name them after people you love. Then you won’t want to cut, because you’ll be ‘killing’ the butterflies. Yes, I’m sure everyone has heard this before, but it’s such a cute alternative.
  • Take a really hot shower.
  • Turn on some loud dance music, like Ke$ha, and dance till you’re too tired to even think about cutting.
  • Come rant in my ask box. 

Be strong, followers<3

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Anonymous: how do you get the scars to stay?

You want the scars to stay? Well I guess just completely ignore them and don’t even try to fix them. 

But, why would you want them to stay?

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